CALL US TODAY We provide turn key audio/video solutions for the 21st century including:

  • CORS – Clinic Observation Recording Systems for University Clinical and Commercial Training Programs
  • MoRP – Mobile Recording system for Remote Applications

Welcome to CVI Security Solutions. Our turn-key Clinic Observation Recording System (CORS) is specifically designed for University student clinician training.

CORS is a true, discrete, multi-department training tool, designed to enable:

  • Students to demonstrate and improve their clinical counseling skills quickly and effectively.
  • Faculty and Supervisors to monitor, grade and assist students efficiently and unobtrusively.
  • Counseling Programs to demonstrate their Clinical Training achievement for accreditation purposes through the use of video evidence.
  • Lecturers to record lectures and make them available to students.
  • Researchers to search video archives, download and create video training videos.
  • Patients and Families to monitor live treatments

We Provide World Class Service With:

  • Extensive Industry Experience and Expertise
  • Use of innovative, leading edge products
  • Personalized Friendly Service
  • Lifetime support for our CORS solution